Refreshing and Toning: The classic line that gave birth to Proraso.
Suitable for all beard and skin-types, leaving you feeling fresh and toned.
A classic fragrance with notes of menthol and eucalyptus.


Prevents Razor Burn. Suitable for sensitive skin that tends to irritate easily.
Thanks to its special anti-irritation properties, it leaves skin soft and smooth, both before and after shaving. A fresh and fruity fragrance with notes of lime and apple.


Moisturizing & Nourishing. Suitable for thick and coarse beard-types.
It softens the beard, making it easier to shave. An intense fragrance
with aromatic notes of sandalwood.


Protective & Moisturizing. Suitable for anyone wanting a close and
comfortable shave. Protects the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated. A modern
fragrance with scents of fern and spicy base notes of amber and musk.