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Refresh Lotion + Shave Cream Tube Duo

Shave Care Set

After Shave Lotion and Shaving Cream

Since 1948, Proraso has worked alongside barbers to provide all men, with every type of skin and beard, an effortless, gentle, professional-quality shave. The Original Proraso Classic Shaving Duo pairs our best-selling Shaving Cream and After Shave Lotion. The Refreshing formula, suitable for all skin and beard types, uses the natural benefits of Eucalyptus Oil […]

Proraso After Shave Lotion Refresh

After Shave Lotion

Classic Formula

Same classic formula, refreshed packaging! Proraso After Shave Lotion is traditionally formulated from a selection of fresh and natural ingredients that cool and tone your skin. Added witch hazel reduces rashes and razor burn. A pleasant and invigorating daily habit to complete your shaving ritual.

Proraso Vintage Gino Tin

Vintage Collection Gino Tin

Classic formula

Proraso’s images are as legendary as their shaving products, conveying impeccable Italian taste and the history of a brand synonymous with quality in the shaving world for nearly a century. Now they’ve come together in this collectible tins, featuring their iconic advertising from the 1950’s as a tribute to the history of the brand, and […]

Proraso Preshave Cream Refresh

Pre-Shave Cream

Classic Formula

The first product in the Proraso range, the one that made us so popular amongst Italian men and Barbers. Proraso’s Pre-shave Cream has a particularly thick, concentrated texture. It softens stubble and makes the skin elastic for a problem-free, perfect shave. The cooling ingredients leave your face feeling toned and invigorated.

Proraso Shave Cream Tube Refresh

Shaving Cream In A Tube

Classic Formula

This refreshing and toning Shaving Soap is the original Proraso shaving classic. This creamy soap produces a thick lather and is enriched with natural ingredients that make it particularly concentrated and rich. Formulated with Glycerine to help the blade glide smoothly and reduces razor burn and rashes.

Shaving Soap In A Bowl Classic Formula

Shaving Soap In A Bowl

Classic Formula

Proraso Shave Soap in a Bowl is still made following a rigorous, hot soap making process. It is left to mature for 10 days in small batches. After this period, the soap is more concentrated and ready to refresh any kind of beard. This process results in a very rich soap that produces an amazing lather. […]

Shaving Foam Classic Formula

Shaving Foam

Classic Formula

Proraso Shave Foam is enriched with natural ingredients to make it particularly concentrated and rich. It’s excellent for a quick and easy shave and feels like you’ve lathered up with a Proraso Shaving Soap. The glycerin increases razor glide and reduces redness. Proraso Shave Foam, Refreshing and Toning Formula, is a timeless ritual for those […]

Proraso Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush

The Proraso Shaving Brush is the result of a collaboration between Proraso and the famous Omega company, and it helps ensure a perfect shave every time. The high quality of the bristles, their greater length and stiffness quickly turn shaving soap into a creamy foam. Compact enough to roll gently over the face.  It’s the perfect […]

proraso after shave balm refreshing formula

After Shave Balm

Classic Formula

Proraso After Shave Balm, in its classic Refreshing and Toning formula, is an alcohol-free, non-greasy formula that provides immediate relief after shaving and completes the shaving ritual. Combining the hydrating properties of a balm with the calming and soothing benefits of a cream, it’s enriched with Eucalyptus Oil to help purify the skin and reduce […]